- Blanca Paloma Vocational Training School: Official School funded by the government provides formal education. It has had thousands of students (around 360 per year) with various skills trained in its classrooms in both regulated training: occupational training and continuing education. We have a great team of teachers and trainers specialised in different areas in our school, which benefits our participation in different projects.

- Complejo Social Padre Villoslada: at present it includes an occupational centre founded in 1982 to serve people with learning and intellectual disability, which now also includes people with mental illnesses and others at the risk of social exclusion. The occupational centre offers various workshops for the development of daily life and employment skills, adapted to different learning needs. We have hosted people from different nationalities in the occupational centre.

- Residences and other facilities in the province of Grenade: 2 residences for elder people with more than 100 beds, two residences for intellectual disabled people with more than 120 beds, sheltered houses for different uses (from volunteers till migrants).

- 7 Sheltered houses for young and adults with intellectual and learning disability.

Our institution has also carried out mobility projects for the teachers belonging to our centre.

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